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2019 USNA Commissioning Week

“We held the fifth annual “Culture of Excellence” experience and Blue Angel Legacy Week at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, that coincided with the Blues flight demonstration. We engaged and educated our sponsors about the Blues, and that we did. Though we had others who certainly helped make last week at Navy a success, Scott Kartvedt knocked it out of the park with his narration.”

John Chehansky

Blue Angels Foundation Board Member
Blue Angels, 1973-1975


“One reason for his program’s success is the amount of time he spent familiarizing himself with our company and his audience. He tailored his presentation to our company’s culture, metrics and goals and made his points with examples relevant to our audience.”

– Director Supply Chain Management

Key to Success

“Scott’s mentoring and advice through the years has been a key element to my success. He taught the power of establishing a corporate culture that delivers results.”

– XO Guided Missle Destroyer

Superior Results

“Clear innate understanding of what’s important and how to gracefully achieve superior results.”

– ADM US Navy


“Scott “Intake” Kartvedt is an outstanding inspirational & motivational speaker who delivers results. He captivates his audience with his natural charisma and immediate rapport. He will positively improve the culture of your organization.”

– SVP Health Industry


“I personally witnessed Scott instantly earn the team’s respect and build a cohesive, extremely capable team of professionals literally from the ground up. The positive culture he established with his team drove outstanding results.”

– Director Navy F-35 Operations

Change Agent

“Unsurpassed ability to unify organizations to achieve greatness. Change agent who improves the performance of any organization with whom he associates by deliving results.”

– RADM US Navy

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